Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's all happening! The Release of The Forest EP.

It has been such a journey! so long coming and now, it's finally here and it's all happening. throughout the last year, i have been a nomad of sorts, traveling, writing, exploring. I drove across the country twice in 10 months. The first time was all the way from NY, down south and across to Los Angeles and the second time was all the way up the pacific coast highway to Portland and then back to NY! it was such an amazing time and i saw so much of this huge and magnificent country that is America. During this past year (well, you know really it's been longer but only a year that i have been seriously working on these songs) i have been recording and preparing my record. I have written about 75 songs and about 13 of them are in the running to make the final cut. 5 songs however, earned their place on the EP i decided to release this November 16th,2010. I needed to get something out there, to see it be born and to see it grow. While i work on finishing the final record for the spring release of 2011, i wanted to share some of what i have spent all this time working on. wow! i am so thrilled that one week from today, i will be doing the first show of my November Residency at Rockwood Music Hall stage one, in NY on allen street!!!

November 16th will be the release show but i am playing the 2nd and the 30th too at 7 pm!!!

i can't wait to see you all there and please bring your friends! i will have lots of goodies! there will be drinks, and fun and most of all , MUSIC!!!!!!

i am looking forward to seeing you all there and playing some music for you! hope you enjoy it as much as i have enjoyed working on it! xx

Monday, October 4, 2010

clothes clothes clothes

gosh i can't believe how quickly the weather can change here. In a way, it makes me miss Australia.

i have been trying out new outfits for shows recently, i love to dress up and my mother always says that's half the reason i chose a career on the stage. That way, i can still justify dressing up in odd clothes. I think art, fashion and ,music really do go together.... you have to have a kind of persona. A thing which is just you that helps you to visually express the music and feeling you are trying to convey to your audience. I am so heavily influenced by the fantastic. Sparkles and magical things. Witches and woods and fairies and animals that speak! OH MY!

here is a video of me climbing out of my massive and bursting closet at home! some of those dresses i have had for 7 years. Am i a closet hoarder? like literally?