Saturday, January 31, 2009

dark days and sweet music

Sydney in December was a really bad time, and a really good time. I fhad some pretty crappy stuff happen but through that, came some rad new material with one of my favorite engineers and producers, Richie B of Free Energy device in Sydney. We have been friends for a long time, and when it was all falling apart, he said "right, we better go make some music out of this"

one of the songs called "all the things" is up on the myspace ( so go check it out if you can

we used three ingredients and that's it. A linn drum, a Juno and a toy piano. I wanted a real retro feel. And retro feel i got. The Linn drum is the leader of the retro drum machines. All those cool sounds on Kate bush's records are created by this wondrous machine.

here are some pics and even though they are super blurry, you kind of get the idea.

also, when i moved to NY, Richie became the foster parent to my beautiful Welmar grand piano as my folks had nowhere to put it. Here is a little pic of it. I miss it so much. It was a great joy to go play it again.