Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sad music and I

It's the day after Christmas and i have to say i had a pretty good day. I spent it learning new music For the band Edison Woods that i play for in NY. we have a show coming up in Jan and you should def check it out

I wrote music, learned more music again for Kate Tucker, ate some food, watched the hangover (funniest movie of 09) all in all, a pretty good day.

It was the first i didn't see my folks and it felt weird. not bad weird, just a little more lighter. I am sure one day they will read this.... but i guess the point of a blog is to be honest right?

We don't really have christmas anymore since my sister died in '94.

we usually try to have a tree and forge laughter in the saftey of whomever we have managed to convince to spend christmas with us. As much as i am so grateful to my parents for always keeping things as normal as possible, It always felt very strained. I could see the frown in my mothers eyes, and the sadness and meloncholy in my father's face.

No matter how much you try to cover up sorrow and pain of that magnitude, it always comes out some way or another.

yesterday, i went about my day quietly reflecting on Alexa (my sister)
It has been so many years and this is just another time marking to let me know that she is moving further and further out of my life. Gone, but certainly not forgotten.

Which, brings me to the reason for this post. My friend J.R introduced me to a profound and brutally honest record. The Antlers. Heard of them? me too but i always thought they were scuzzy rock. however, this effort blinded me completely. The song 'Kettering' reminded me so much of the times my sister was in and out of hospitals and medical institutions. it sent shivers up my spine in a way i have not felt in a long time.

Sometimes it is comforting to be brought back to a particular moment, even if it was a traumatic one.

The album called 'Hospice' (clever and DUH) is amazing and i highly suggest you pick up a copy. here is a link to the pitchfork article. Please read about ti as you will understand how personal this album was to make