Wednesday, August 25, 2010


my friend Nadia Ackerman made this awesome video of our friend Orly.... how amazing is her voice!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


it has been such a long time since i have written. I am sitting at my favorite place to ponder on the computer in Seattle. It's called Oddfellows and they serve the most delicious bloody mary's and amazing food.

I wanted to write this blog because for a while now, i have been thinking about all the amazing musicians that i know and how much i genuinely LOVE their music. I thought it might be a good idea to list them here for you all to check out when you get some free time. I know i LOVE hearing about new music so here goes....

EGO PUPPETS My good friend Eric sent me his music a while back and i can't stop listening.. boppy and dark all at the same time!!!

KATE TUCKER.... I play keys and sing backup for this southern rock sweatheart!

EDISON WOODS.... i play keys and sing in this mini rock orchestra. Julia's music makes my heart soar

KAISER CARTEL.... i played piano and sang backup for their album release show and i am BUSTING to do mroe... their new record is out now and i promise you wont be sorry if you buy it

DANI ELLIOTT..... this girl has some pipes! she sings with me on my own band project and also with the likes of Wheatus and MIA. i cant wait for her new music to be available. it is AMAZING

EL MAY... I have been a big fan of this Aussie's music for quite some time. Last year, i had the pleasure of working under the same roof as her for a music house and we became friends. Her music is just as friendly and beautiful as her soul

ORLY..... This Aussie has some serious soul and often plays at Rockwood msuic hall to a packed audience. buy her EP!

NADIA ACKERMAN.... AUSTRALIAN!!!! need i say more? ok i will say one more thing "LIGHTHOUSE" best song ever . go see for yourself


GEORGIA HAEGE.... this girl has so much versatility and can sing anything. she has a few bands in the works

STEVVI ALEXANDER.... her music is uplifting and soulful. buy her record at CD baby

THE MADISON SQUARE GARDENERS.... my favorite NYC/southern band

TAURUS.... Chris Morrisey plays with many people i know. I knew he was good but i was blown away when i saw his show recently at the Rockwood. Honestly, this is the next Jeff Buckley/Rufus Wainright songwriting genius. i only wish he would hurry up with mixing his record so we could have something to listen to

FINDLAY BROWN .... um was Roy Orbison born again in this guy? AMAZING

KATRINA BLACKSTONE.... SO LUCKY i get to call her a friend.

BRIANNA SAGE.... can she hurry up with more gigs and records?

KELLY JONES... best pop record ever

MARK WATROUS..... plays with some amazing musicians but a genius in his own right

RED LETTER AGENT..... yes yes yes

ROB GENTRY... sounds like Prince..... need i say more?

JOHN BALICANTA.... my producer and co writer. he is pure genius. as far as i know, there is a solo record in the works as well as maybe another project for his band Lola Ray. watch that space. like for reals.

all of these people are my friends and i am so lucky to be able to say that they are. I can't believe i have such amazingly creative folk in my life...

please check them out... support them by buying their records and attending their shows... keep live music alive and help us do so...

xx johanna and the dusty floor